Professional Doula


Definition of doula:

A person professionally trained in childbirth, who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to birthing persons and their families.

Lindsay's Philosophy & Practice: 

I believe birth is a natural, transformative experience.  My goal is to provide professional support so that you feel safe, comfortable, and educated during this magical time in your life.  As a doula it is my place to respect and honor your birth and postpartum wishes. I do not provide medical advice, or perform any procedures. Childbearing and birth is highly individualized; as such my job is to follow your preferences and provide care within my scope of practice. I do not make decisions for you and your partner, but I can provide resources for questions you may have.  I am not your voice, nor do I empower you.  You are powerful.  As a doula, I act as a calming presence, and hold space for your experience. 

Prenatal Services:

Lindsay can include, but not limited to, serve as your doula in the following ways: 

Emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum

Upon contract signing, email/text/phone support 

2 prenatal visits (approximately 1.5 hrs. each) to get to know your unique preferences, help write your birth preferences for this labor and postpartum period, discuss prenatal & postpartum questions you may have, help with getting your home ready for baby, plans for older children, pets, etc...and give you lots of resources about many of the decisions you'll make in the near future

You can reach me via text or call 24/7 beginning at 37 weeks gestation

During your active birthing phase, I provide continuous support 

Work with your partner to establish and maintain a peaceful and positive environment

Work with staff and providers to establish rapport and to ensure that you have enough information to make informed decisions about your care

Photographs & notes to document your birth story

Review birth story during the postpartum visit

Postpartum Services: 

Lindsay can include, but not limited to serve as your postpartum doula in the following ways: 

One on one support and instruction on caring for people after childbirth including breast and perineal care instruction.

Welcome you and baby home.

Lactation support and guidance.

Infant care support and guidance.

Sleep advice for you and baby.

Baby-wearing tutorials.

Cloth diapering resources and tutorials.

Integrative solutions for family stage transitions.

nfant massage.

Tummy Time.

Postpartum Yoga (nidra, meditation, gentle)

Email/phone/text support.

Encouragement for partner to foster a loving, and peaceful parenting environment.

I offer sessions to help create a postpartum plan, and discussions on the importance and choices of the 4th Trimester.

I offer referrals for Ayurveda, Chiropractors, Infant Dentists, other healthcare providers, and community support programs.

I offer a session (or more) to debrief about their birthing experience.  

I offer information and referrals about postpartum depression and other mood disorders associated with the child-birthing year.


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