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About Brooke


My name is Brooke! Just a few important things to know about me - I am obsessed with my sweet pup Bailey, I could eat tacos every day, and I am currently studying to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at UNE and will graduate in May of 2020!

I have always felt strongly about the importance of moving safely with proper form and technique to build a strong body! As an athlete growing up, I learned early on the importance of form and technique in injury prevention. This passion lead me to pursue a BS in Exercise Science from UNE.

While in graduate school, I found myself looking for new ways to challenge my body physically which lead me to barre. I quickly fell in love with the classes and found myself being challenged not only physically but mentally as well.

I strongly believe that barre is the perfect addition to any routine and can confidently say it has helped shape the person / student I am today. I am so excited to have found barre, as it has provided me with a way to help others build strength and prevent injury through mindful movements and thoughtful sequencing. Whether you’re new to barre or have been practicing for a while, I am looking forward to meeting you!