About Carissa

My mission is to help support individuals in moving toward a greater sense of health and well-being through mindful movement and energetic balancing. It is my belief that when the physical body is properly aligned therein lies greater opportunity for emotional and spiritual alignment to follow. 

I became a student of yoga in 1998 as a means to curb repetitive injuries sustained from long distance running and other high impact exercise. The interplay of strength, flexibility, balance and focus I found with Vinyasa yoga was what kept me going back to the practice. I became a certified teacher in 2001 and have been teaching ever since. I completed 200+ hours of training with YogaFit® and an additional 300 hours of training with Jacqui Bonwell at Sacred Seeds Yoga School. For more than a decade I have taught yoga in health clubs, fitness facilities, schools, community centers, clinics and studios which has made me well equipped to work with a variety of populations and skill levels. 

In 2013, I graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness located in Albany, NY. I earned a certificate of completion in massage therapy for which I completed 1,020 hours of training. My love of movement is what led me to focus my clinic practice primarily on shiatsu massage. In 2014 I completed additional training in Traditional Thai-Yoga Bodywork through The Vedic Conservatory and since that time have found much success integrating both modalities together with facilitated stretching into my sessions. 

In 2013 I stumbled upon Johnny Gillespie's Balanced Athlete® method. The method resonates with me like none other as it encompasses aspects of my prior training and education into one (literally connecting the dots of coaching, physical fitness, sport psychology, yoga, and bodywork). I am currently a Level 2 Certified Coach and apply the training methodology to all of my physical programming. 

I discovered the practice of aerial yoga during my time in New York and instantly fell in love. After a dedicated studio and home practice, I went on to complete my Level 1 teacher certification in 2013 at The Good Karma Studio in Albany, NY. Once back in my home state of Maine I began teaching aerial classes and introductory workshops regularly at Equilibrium Balancing Health, LLC. My passion for the practice led me to complete an additional 50 hours of training with Carmen Curtis, founder of AIReal Yoga™. I have since attended multiple sessions as an aerial student at Circus Maine and developed my own aerial fitness teacher training curriculum. 

My most recent accolade is the completion of 80-hours of training in the Rooted Barre Method. Together with Balanced Athlete® principles, I regularly implement components of the barre method into my personal and professional training programs.

A deep bow to Bjorn Turnquist, Jacqui Bonwell, Johnny Gillespie, and Carmen Curtis for their guidance, tutelage, and inspiration.