Our mission is to provide an inclusive space for people who want to optimize the mind-body connection, seek therapeutic services, practice mindfulness, and learn from others.

Our core values include loving-kindness, safety, connection, advocacy, and agency.



Equilibrium is an organic physiotherapy + performance center dedicated to improving individuals health through balance in all things. In and out of work, Noel believes in a balanced life; his promise to his clients is to help them find equilibrium in their own lives.


Will Wood Body Work

Will uses a system of bodywork or tissue manipulation working towards bringing balance and awareness to your body through your connective tissue (i.e. fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments). As a practitioner, Will gives clients a tactile sense of what it means to be fully aware of their body, to have greater insight into what their body is trying to inform them of. He believes his clients can develop greater control over their long-term wellbeing.


Yoga with Lindsay

Lindsay is a teacher, doula, advocate, accessibility ambassador and co-owner of Metta Studios.

Formerly a high school special education teacher, and caregiver, Lindsay now specializes in teaching private yoga, inclusive group classes, and supporting and educating families approaching and during the birth of a child.  

Her inquiry-based style of teaching, serves people experiencing pregnancy and early postpartum, folks with diverse abilities, and individuals looking to slow down the process of life to explore embodiment. Lindsay pulls from classical yoga traditions, focuses on integrative yoga, and evidence-based research.  She believes yoga is fun, accessible and therapeutic.


Off the Mat

As a certified Childlight Yoga Instructor, Trish teach through exploration, imagination, music, stories, breathing exercises, poses and play. Her goal is to provide children with the lifelong skills needed to maneuver through this sometimes challenging, but beautiful world.


Private Coaching

Jordan Stebbins is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has a B.S in Exercise Science from UNE. He’s interested in helping people move better and get stronger, and employs a variety of methodologies and training styles. Though his focus is in movement, he incorporates emotional and spiritual aspects of health into his coaching. he aims to connect with clients to provide them the tools they need to become their most optimal selves.


Phone: (207) 939-0456

IG: stebbins.strength


Emma is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a degree in Applied Exercise Science from UNE.

Her passion is to get others moving in a way that helps them feel stronger, healthier and happier. Through private trainings, she works with clients to reach their goals in the most functional and mindful ways.

Learn to be your best self with Emma. 


IG; @ejh9