Our vision will be written soon for your reading pleasure.


The Circus Haus

The Circus Haus offers contemporary circus arts instruction for adults and performances throughout Maine and New England.  Created by Mel McGovern, The Circus Haus' mission is to provide classes, workshops and private lessons in modern circus arts, such as aerial fabric, trapeze, lyra and more as well as further the tradition of circus entertainment.



Ludo (“game”) and Sport are the two sides of a single coin: guaranteed fun through a healthy and -above all- always different physical practice: the Light Saber Combat created by the LudoSport Founder Masters is in fact a set of different fencing disciplines structured for progressive learning. The training path is rich and stimulating, going from the single sword to the two short swords and stick techniques: all entirely original and designed around an iconic and fascinating weapon, a blade of pure energy that cuts everything but itself.



Equilibrium is an organic physiotherapy + performance center dedicated to improving individuals health through balance in all things. In and out of work, Noel believes in a balanced life; his promise to his clients is to help them find equilibrium in their own lives.


Will Wood Rolfing®

Rolfing® is a system of bodywork or tissue manipulation working towards bringing balance and awareness to your body through your connective tissue (i.e. fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments). As a practitioner, Will gives clients a tactile sense of what it means to be fully aware of their body, to have greater insight into what their body is trying to inform them of. He believes his clients can develop greater control over their long-term wellbeing.


Off the Mat

As a certified Childlight Yoga Instructor, Trish teach through exploration, imagination, music, stories, breathing exercises, poses and play. Her goal is to provide children with the lifelong skills needed to maneuver through this sometimes challenging, but beautiful world.