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Set Free Your Inner Goddess: A Women's Sexuality Workshop

*Rescheduled from March 2nd. 

Many women have a conflicted relationship with their own sexuality. It seems too often to be something that exists outside of them. They believe they can only be sexy if they fit some unattainable criteria of beauty, they believe their bodies and sexuality exists for someone other than themselves, and they feel disconnected and uninterested in their own sexuality. The truth is that feminine sexuality is a powerful force that exists in each of us. We have the ability to connect to this resource and connect with the Goddess inside of us. Sexual empowerment is about self-love, connection, strength, fun, and freedom.
In this two hour workshop you will be guided through a variety of opportunities to reconnect with your inner Goddess. Through meditation, lecture, and breakout groups we will address common obstacles that keep us disconnected and create the space to discover your sacred feminine sexuality. The tools gained in this workshop will inspire more self-love, a greater sense of sexual playfulness, and deeper self-confidence.
Investment of $35.00

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