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Easing into Parenthood- Writing a Postpartum Care Plan

This class is part of our Easing Into Parenthood series.

Postpartum care, although less frequently talked about than labor + birth, is just as important.  During this session you will be guided through creating a care plan, before baby arrives, for after baby arrives. Creating an outline, a fluid document, a written support resource, tailored to your families needs, is a powerful tool to help you enjoy postpartum and thrive in your new normal life. 

This class is designed for first time parents, and parents adding to their 1, 2, or 3+ littles. 

1. You've prepared for birth, but have you prepared for postpartum? 
2. Set up a support network now: go home with resources, ideas, and a plan for a smoother transition into parenthood. 
3. Sunday, July 29th, 9:30am-11:30am
@ Metta Studios, Biddeford, ME
4. Hosted by Lindsay McDonough, 
MSEd, Doula, + RYT200
5.   $30 reserves your spot!