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Yin + Yoga Nidra with Reiki

Modern life bombards us with perpetual pressure that is constantly triggering our stress response and hindering our ability to rest and tap into our heart’s intuitive wisdom. Yin Yoga helps to release tension and patterns of strain within the deepest layers of the body, freeing you from holding on to the physiological response to stress. Yoga Nidra is the ancient, scientific, and methodical practice of combining deep relaxation with guided meditation—giving you space to rest and harness the powerful wisdom within you. 
This workshop will be offered with a period of Yin poses and breath work to prepare your body, mind, and heart for the deep stillness of the Yoga Nidra practice, traditionally experienced in Savasana pose. During the Yin portion of this workshop and with your consent, Reiki practitioner Jess Fairclough (One Love Wellness & Birth Work) will make her way around the room, offering her healing hands to you in service of heightening your own restorative capacity and aiding in your deepest relaxation. 

No experience is necessary and all are welcome! Dress comfortably in layers and experience for yourself this powerful combination of practices.