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Runner's Night: Strength and Plyometrics

-Move through strength and plyometric training for the runners body.


-With a consistent plyometric training, one can improve upon athletic performance.


-Plyometrics or "Jump Training" focuses on increasing power and explosive movement.


-When approaching plyometrics, you should have a good level of general strength before beginning this type of routine due to the impact and demands it may put on your body. 


-Plyometric drills when practiced correctly and consistently may assist your body in exerting more force into the ground and your speed performance increases. 


-Plyometrics teach our bodies to utilize upon our fast twitch fibers. In endurance running, we utilize our slow twitch fibers. 


-Boost your power, increase your overall strength, and increase your running economy with plyometrics designed specifically with runners in mind. 


-Run faster, become more powerful in your stride and be a more efficient runner. 

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