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Yin Yoga 4-week series

Come explore the practice of Yin Yoga in this 4-week introductory series. Yin Yoga is a floor-based practice that targets the deep connective tissues of the body including tendons, ligaments, fascia, and bones. Re-lengthening and strengthening the connective tissues of the body will help to enhance range of motion and create more ease in everyday movements. 

Since the connective tissues are more plastic than elastic (muscles are more elastic), we work these tissues gradually, allowing ourselves to move slowly in and out of a posture and hold each posture for several minutes with the support of various props as needed. On an energetic level, Yin yoga enhances the flow of prana (life energy) in the tissues around the joints, where the energy often stagnates. The calming nature of this style of yoga also lends itself to seeking the rewards found in mindfulness meditation.

Yin yoga is suitable for all bodies and can be an excellent complement to other important exercises, such as running, swimming, biking, and the more active forms of yoga, which primarily use the muscles.

Try it and see for yourself! 
Class passes applicable and FREE for AUTOBILL MEMBERS!*
Teens welcome.

Dec 31, Jan 7, 14, 21.

Earlier Event: December 24