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Balanced Athlete ® Level 1 Coaching Certification


Balanced Athlete coaches are trained to guide students in quality of movement and intentional mind/body integration.

Our program can be incorporated into multiple settings that include physical therapy, strength and conditioning centers, fitness clubs, personal training studios, yoga centers, CrossFit Boxes, and physical education classes. Our system can be used for one-on-one coaching or in group training environments.

Balanced Athlete methodology presents advanced understanding of human structure and movement in simple and digestible terms, providing depth of knowledge while presenting understandable theory that anyone can learn.


FRIDAY EVENING - 3HRS (September 27th)

Lecture and question and answer session:
The Balanced Athlete Philosophy
Movement practice: You will be guided through a practice that will teach you to map the right and left sides of your body, developing a framework to reveal your imbalances and help you pinpoint your own personal areas of focus throughout the weekend and beyond.

SATURDAY - 6HRS (September 28th)

- Balanced Athlete Practice
Essential movements & teaching cues: Block One
Essential movements & teaching cues: Block Two
Practice teaching

SUNDAY - 6HRS (September 29th)

- Balanced Athlete Practice
Essential movements & teaching cues: Block Three
Essential movements & teaching cues: Block Four
Practice teaching