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Seasonal Detox Series

Sunday, September 8, 2019: Autumn Detox: Harvesting and Turning Inward (Lungs/Large Intestine)

As humans, we are intimately connected with nature. Think for a moment about how your mood and body feels on a rainy day versus on a sunny day. How we communicate with nature affects our physical wellbeing as well as our sense of harmony and growth. By learning to adapt to external changes, you learn to maintain health. When the seasons change, we can experience a great energy shift, causing increased stress causing us to become more vulnerable to sickness. During these times you may need greater awareness and care to stay in alignment with nature.
This series is designed to set you on a path of harmony through each of the 5 seasons according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each season has an Organ pairing that are most active and thus need to be especially cared for. The sessions in this series will include discussion on self-care strategies geared towards the specific season, yin yoga practice to stimulate Qi/Energy flow for the function of the active Organs, and an essential oils demonstration to tie it all together. Come dressed in comfortable layers that you can move in.
You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the season. You will see how these practices can help you feel more at ease throughout the year. You’ll also leave each session with an Young Living essential oils sample and a hand out highlighting key points.
It is best to experience this series in its entirety to receive the fullest benefit as each season builds on the foundation of its predecessor. To help you commit to yourself, we are offering a bundle deal: $210 if you purchase before September 1st, 2019, Metta Members received an additional discount: $160 for all five sessions! Sessions are on Sundays 1-3pm at Metta Studios, each session is $50 if purchased separately. Pre-registration is required!

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