About Molly

As a self-proclaimed anatomy and neuroscience geek, Molly’s teaching style is fueled by her fascination with renegotiating the mind/body connection and balancing the nervous system, while reminding folks to keep their approach to yoga light-hearted.  Molly began her yoga journey in 2014 to decrease the stress and burnout from her emotionally taxing career and what started as a small hobby soon blossomed into a life-long passion. Molly teaches from a trauma-informed lens and aims to create a safer space for students so that yoga and meditation can be a soothing and healing resource for all. Molly completed her 200hr RYT training through Sacred Seeds Yoga School and is certified in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin and Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Trauma, and Reiki I. Molly is deeply grateful for her teachers: Sagel Urlacher, Jacqui Bonwell, Katie Beane, and Erica Magro Cahill for their enthusiastic insights and kind-hearted wisdom. Molly believes that yoga is a practice for improving life off the mat: using the practice to recognize and renegotiate one’s inner relationship, cultivate loving-kindness towards the self and extend that same compassion to others. In her spare time, Molly enjoys weight lifting, writing bad puns, and petting dogs.