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A place to call home.

'Love, or metta, is there because we feel goodwill in that moment toward the person who is receiving; we feel a sense of oneness with them, rather than alienation.' ... 'The Buddhist counterpart of unconditional positive regard is loving-kindness (maitri in Sanskrit, metta in Pali).'

Fifteen miles south of Portland, the Saco River is quickly becoming home to a slew of new business in Biddeford, Maine.

The changes challenge long held views of Biddeford. A short walk down Main Street displays new businesses slowly taking over empty storefronts. The city proudly rebuilt new sidewalks. Vinyl signs announce new things afoot. Businesses are collaborating as we rebuild Main Street, Biddeford to truly uplift this strong community.  Old mill buildings showcase a massive grid-work of new windows punctuated by inviting entrances into spaces that once held manufacturing companies.  Pepperell Mill Campus is now home to Metta Studios.  

In 2010, Carissa and Lindsay met while they were both living in Albany, NY.  They met at the gym, soon learned they were both transplants, and quickly became friends.  The two bonded through their love of yoga, running, and lifting.  They often sat side by side on one another's couches, each working on their computers, and sipping coffee.  At the time, Carissa worked from home, and Lindsay was in graduate school.  

Both Carissa and Lindsay believe in teaching asana, or poses, with a heavy focus on alignment, to maintain functionality, strength, and longevity in the body.  They both believe that yoga should be accessible to all people, and that all people should be met where they are in their physical abilities.  Part of the practice of yoga is to learn how to listen to or become aware of your body.  As teachers, they both instruct their students to set up asanas first, make mindful adjustments throughout, and drop the ego to the side.  

Although Carissa and Lindsay share the same philosophy toward the physical practice of postures, their approach and teaching styles are different.  Carissa holds a light, a fire, a passion in her eyes, her heart, her every move.  She burns brightly so that all can see, feel, and hear her.  Carissa's students appreciate her direct way of teaching, and you'll often hear her call students by name as she celebrates their learning, or guides them toward adjusting.  Lindsay's passion presents as an invitation to explore, a peacefulness in shared community, and a calm listening ear.  You may hear chanting, pranayama practice, or silence as Lindsay believes that the yoga, the union, happens between mind and body when we allow ourselves to simply be in a moment.  

By joining forces, Carissa the yang, and the Lindsay the yin, we've created Metta Studios.  Metta's mission is to spread loving-kindness through movement, education, therapy, training, and action. 

We aim to provide a safe, comfortable, and loving space for everybody and every body, which is why Metta Studios chose to be a part of Pepperell Mill. Both Biddeford and Saco residents share a deep history with the mill. The natural lighting that floods in through enormous windows, old oiled wood floors, exposed brick, and 18 foot ceilings give a sense of charming antiquity.  Metta Studios is on the first floor, and wheel chair accessible.  We offer private changing areas, and storage cubbies for personal belongings.  The space itself is separated into different rooms: a member lounge that doubles as a classroom, body and energy work therapy room, consultation therapy room, and movement studio.  

Please join us as we continue on this journey toward wellness.  This is only the beginning! Our dreams for the future are to have an ayurveda counselor, reiki master, and other healers take up residence in our therapy rooms.  We will continue to provide exciting workshops, and events for our community (sound healing, dance, essential oils, nutrition, financial wellness, etc...) Carissa and Lindsay are working on continuing education workshops for teachers, and designing Metta's own curriculum for teacher training.  Keep your eyes open for doula trainings, and child birth and postpartum classes. We also want to play a visible role in community support, and will look for opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and finding ways to partner for the betterment of our community.  

In loving-kindness,

Lindsay & Carissa

Co-Founders of Metta Studios

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